Testimonials . . .

DeAnn H. – August 21, 2016
“I highly recommend High Range Piano! They are kind, patient, flexible and offer more than just a piano lesson for you or your child. I have been very impressed with how Dr. Fiess and Mr. Wegener care so much about each student and do everything they can to ensure progress, and a fulfilling experience in musical achievement! I feel they go above and beyond your typical piano lesson and I highly recommend them!”

FROM HIGH RANGE PIANO, INC.: Thank you, DeAnn for your very kind and thoughtful review!!! We are impressed with the wonderful accomplishments your daughter has made in the short time that you have been with us!! We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented young student, and to have your family are part of our studio!! Thank you again for your wonderful review!!!

Ann M. – August 8, 2016
“We have been very lucky to be going to High Ranch Piano, Inc. for 4.5 years with our children. Both Dr. Fiess and Mr. Wegener are wonderful, patient teachers who continue to push my children’s ability level and allow them to play various types of music styles. In addition, they give their students many opportunities throughout the year to play with in both a non-competitive and competitive setting. And finally with a busy life with 4 children, they are very accommodating with our schedule. This has been a great studio for our family.”

FROM HIGH RANGE PIANO, INC.: Thank you, Ann! It has been a pleasure to work with such enjoyable folks as you! We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented students, and to have your family as part of our studio!! Thanks for your very kind review!!!!

Dan R. – October 5, 2015
“We have two boys receiving lessons from High Range Piano, Inc. We have been very impressed with both teachers, Dr. Stephen Fiess and Mr. Neal Wegener. Our boys have had the benefit of working with both teachers and they truly enjoy the time they spend at lessons. It is nice to have two teachers who complement each other so nicely. They can fill in for each other without disrupting the kids’ experience. We also enjoy the variety of music that is offered to our children, as it ranges from the classical composers to modern day pop music when the kids show an interest. That versatility has been key in keeping our children engaged and excited to learn more. We have been very impressed with our kids’ growth as musicians and know that it is a direct reflection of their teachers. We could not be happier with our decision to use High Range Piano, Inc for our children’s piano instruction.”

FROM HIGH RANGE PIANO, INC.: Thank you, Dan. It has been a pleasure to have you as part of our studio family and to work with both of your sons, and we look forward to their continued progress! Thanks for your kind words!!!

Lubin D. – October 4, 2015
“I felt very fortunate to have had Dr. Fiess as my piano teacher for four years during high school. His rich knowledge in the art of piano and his clear instructions in the lessons brought my piano skills to a wonderful level. His passion and enthusiasm in piano performance have influenced me greatly. His constant encouragement and support have helped me to build confidence in myself and have driven me to continuously improve. Dr. Fiess is actively involved in various national, state and local music organizations. I enjoyed participating in state and local piano competitions, events and activities due to his involvements and connections. I highly recommend his studio.”

FROM HIGH RANGE PIANO, INC.: Thank you Lubin. It has been an honor to get to work with such a talented and motivated student. We were grateful to get to work with you; and though it was sad to say farewell, we wish you every success in your University studies!!!

Nathan R. – September 28, 2015
“Dr. Fiess worked my schedule right into the semester, and it’s been an exciting challenge to learn as an adult beginner!”

FROM HIGH RANGE PIANO, INC.: Thank you, Nathan. You remind us of the joy of getting to work with our adult students and watching them achieve their own goals!!! Thanks for your kind words, and congratulations on the accomplishments you are making!!!! We are delighted to have you as part of our studio family!!!

Janyce B. – October 4, 2015
“Dr. Fiess has been our piano teacher for over 4 years and we couldn’t be happier with the results we have seen. Dr. Fiess has a great demeanor suitable for younger children, adolescents, and adults-anyone! Dr. Fiess is knowledgeable in not only piano lessons, but is involved in various associations that connect the students to several different musically centered activities throughout the year. There is an Achievement Day where kids get to create music themed art projects and perform. Dr. Fiess is a member of the piano Guild Organization that gets your piano student audition for judges from around the country. Dr. Fiess is exceptionally professional and his involvement with nationwide organizations ensures that your piano student is a part of something much bigger than just piano lessons. Highly recommend Dr. Fiess as your piano instructor.”

FROM HIGH RANGE PIANO, INC.: Thank you, Janyce. It has been a pleasure to work with your sons — they inspire us with their interest and their accomplishments. We are grateful to have you as part of our studio family!! Thanks for your kind words!!!

Robert S. – September 11, 2015
“I am a fourth-year student with Dr. Fiess and have nothing but praise for his teaching abilities and methods! He’s a gentle soul with the patience of a saint when it comes to instruction and encouragement to push you to do better. His lessons are very direct and to the point with very little lost time due to talking about things other than the lesson. No matter how much one practices and perfects a piece, Dr. Fiess will add the next level of detail to improve your dynamics or fingering to create a smoother transition or greater emphasis to your music.”

FROM HIGH RANGE PIANO, INC.: Thank you, Robert. It is always heart-warming to us to see students continue to perfect their musical expression to greater degrees!!!! We are grateful to have you as part of our studio family, and find your enthusiasm to be inspiring!!!

Rab M. – September 9, 2015
“I’ve been taking lessons from these guys for several years, which indicates clearly that I am well satisfied with the experience. I think that they do a great job with older beginners like myself, and seem to do well with youngsters, too. Their studio has created a varied group of adults who like each other’s company, and who periodically meet at night to play for each other. It’s nice to be taught by somebody who is both a virtuoso and a successful composer…so yes, I recommend this studio.”

FORM HIGH RANGE PIANO, INC. Thank you for your kind words! We find our adult studio class gatherings to be a huge highlight in our teaching experiences over the years! We are grateful for the friendships and the opportunity to celebrate the joy of making music!!!

Deepa C. – August 20, 2015
“Both my kids go to Dr. Fiess and Mr. Wegener; and they both are excellent teachers. They are very patient with the kids and their work ethic is awesome. I would highly recommend them”

FROM HIGH RANGE PIANO, INC.: Thank you, Deepa. We are grateful for the enthusiasm and accomplishments that your family brings to our studio!!! We are excited about your children’s continued progress. Thanks for your kindness!!!!